Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Prosper in an economic downturn

There is so much talk about the economy right now, even to the extent that a friend of mine sang “Happy Birthday” to the “Credit Crunch” at a meeting last week!

It is said that everybody is unhappy about the current economic situation.

Well, not everybody…

We’ve teamed up with Martin Laschkolnig who helps people to double their income and double their time off at the same time.

And - he says that anyone can do it within the next two years! Now, how about that?

Martin is the European representative of Jack Canfield who you might know as the co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and who was featured in the mega success movie and book "The Secret". He also authored the bestselling book "The Success Principles" and Martin is teaching exactly these principles.

Check it out at:

Martin is coming to join me in Northern Ireland on 27th September and we will bring you the core of these principles. We’ve packed it up in a way that is engaging and experiential. You will learn right on the spot how you can apply these principles to your life right from the next day on - to create the success and balance that you really want.

And, if you were to increase your income and your time off by only 20 to 30 %, wouldn't that be worth it?

Go to and see what Jack Canfield says about Martin.

Wishing you success!


P.S. We are still offering an early bird rate until 15th August, so don't wait any longer and check it out at:

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