Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Make Money Through Networking - Pt 2

To make money through networking we've already said you have to get in the game. The next part becomes easier as you practice.

You can't learn to swim by reading a book about swimming, you have to get in the water. So practice is the key.

4. Listen carefully - Once you have started asking questions, it's equally important to listen to the answers. This might seem obvious but you would be surprised how many people have perfected the art of asking questions but have no clue about listening and therefore miss all the important information they might find useful later.

5. Look for ways to help - The worst thing you can do is to try selling to someone at a networking event, and this is the biggest mistake the novice makes. They start talking with someone who shows interest in them and they get so excited they think they have to do a deal there and then.

Instead, ask how you might help the person you have just met. Who do they want to meet or need to talk to? Ask what sorts of clients they are looking for right now and if you have the opportunity to introduce them, go for it.

People will always remember those who have helped them first. If you find you are in a position to help someone in business, with no other agenda, it will come back to you time and time again.

The most successful networkers who are making money through networking are those who ask questions, listen carefully and provide help to the people they meet, whenever they can.

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